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Reset, Restart, Return, Reopen?

How are you springing out into the rest of this year?

Whether it’s because it’s spring, the second quarter, or the fact that the world feels like it’s coming back to life, it feels like we should be planning and taking some next steps, right? 

But if I’ve learned anything over this past year of pandemic, it’s that planning can be a precarious endeavor in these times. So I’ve been very curious about how others are approaching this time of possibility. 

Here are a few interesting and useful approaches, articles, podcasts, essays and prayers that I’ve discovered this month:

Personally, I can only wrap my head around the next 2+ months and basically getting me and my family (we’ve got some milestones happening!) mentally and emotionally into summer. Over this time, though, I’d like (or I’m hoping) to be really intentional about how to make the most of the second half of 2021. 

What about you? How are you approaching this time? 

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Why and How to Use Storytelling in Your Content

Behind the “Seens” with Jen Liddy

Ever have that sinking feeling of not knowing what to say or write for your social media, website, blog, sales pages, and emails? Or you know you have a message, but you’re not sure how to make it as relatable and relevant as possible? Check out this recent conversation with Content Creation Specialist, Jen Liddy aka the “Content Whisperer” for inspiration and strategies for elevating your content with storytelling.

How her path from English teacher to fitness studio co-owner to coach has landed her into the sweet spot of being a content creation specialist.

How do we define content: “Everything is content. Content is everything.”

What is the difference between a linear thinker and spiraly thinker and how does it impact your content? 

Why storytelling is critical to help your audience understand your message. 

How to handle vulnerability in your storytelling and content. 

Why paying attention is critical to good storytelling. 

How to forward engineer or reverse engineer storytelling. 

How to capture your ideas for good stories. 

How you can use nuggets of the story – instead of worrying about the whole story.

How you focus on the details of your story to be much more relatable. 

Really really knowing your audience will help stories be more relevant.

Other inspiring people in this content space:
Marissa Corcoran
Anne Handley

Find “one n” Jen and get her “Content Framework” guide on her website here!

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How a First-Time Author Prepares for Book Launch

Behind the Seens with David C. Wells, Jr.

CFA and Founder of Family Capital Strategies, David C. Wells, Jr. recently launched his first book, When Anything is Possible: Wealth and the Art of Strategic Living. I had the honor of working with David on helping him get ready for his book launch in January. Check out our video conversation where we walk through David’s journey from writing his book to launch and beyond.

What you’ll learn:

How David’s expertise (and love of reading) guided him to decision to write his book. 

How David decided independent publishing was the right path for him.

How we crafted his “author” platform from his existing website(s).

How we “layered-in” book content and promotion into his already robust content plan.

It’s not likely to over-promote your book launch. 

Why it’s really OK (and rewarding) to work on outreach for reviews and promotion help – especially if you do it in an authentic way. 

How traditional PR and publicity supports a book launch and helps build future business.

Yes, it takes a team to make your book launch as successful as it can be!

Want to connect with David?
Order When Anything is Possible
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Are You Ready To Show Up?

Resources to Help You Show Up More Fully Online

So many good things are happening this month that can help you better show up online or onstage or in your writing. Below are several free (or nearly free) events hosted by some of my favorite people who are tops in their fields. 

Check these out…

Shine. Visibility Challenge with Nika Stewart: Feb. 15-19
Though it kicked off yesterday, it’s not too late to join Nika Stewart for her 5 Day Visibility Challenge – where she helps people with social media post ideas and holds them accountable – and she makes it fun!

Books, Business & Beyond – Clubhouse Chat: Feb 18 at 12:30pm ET
Join me and my bookselling sister Holland Saltsman for a conversation about new books, authors we love, and anything we fancy. Join us – you never know who you might meet there. 

The Art of the Big Talk with Tricia Brouk: Feb. 18-19
Do you dream of taking to the stage and getting your message out to a wider audience? Director and producer Tricia Brouk is hosting a two-day virtual event to show you how with The Art of the Big Talk. Sign up now and use the code TBFRIEND for $10 off. **I’ll also be chatting with Tricia on Facebook LIVE today at 3:15 PM ET**

Author Lab with Jenn Grace of Publish Your Purpose Press: Feb. 21-27
Are you an aspiring author looking for some direction for your book or writing project? Join publishing guru Jenn Grace for her seven days of live training in her Author Lab starting next week. 

If you are trying to figure out how to best show up and be seen, let’s chat and make it happen. Head over to my calendar here and let’s schedule some time to chat!

What is a Content Conversation?

How to Make Content Planning Easy and Fun

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working with several clients on what I like to call “content conversations” because that is truly what they are — much more collaborative and conversational than “content planning meetings” — which sounds and feels much more generic and overwhelming. 

What a “content conversation” looks like is the client and I meeting to discuss what significant content (typically blog posts, videos and/or emails) he or she is going to focus on for the next month or quarter or possibly more. Depending on one’s style, it can look like mapping content ideas out on a calendar or it can more closely resemble a simple list of content ideas in a word document or spreadsheet. Regardless, we approach the planning of their content in a much more give and take fashion – working with their ideas, inspiration and expertise.

Curious how a “content conversation” would work for you? Here’s what it would be like…

You come to the table with ideas of things that you are interested in developing content around. And I come to the table (or the zoom call as the case may be) and help you filter out or focus on the content that would serve you the best and be most relevant to your audience. We also use data points from your analytics if we have access to that information. 

What sometimes happens is you – as the author, expert, or thought leader – get caught up in all of the details of your work and how much you know or want to share. I like to help you “see the forest for the trees” and provide your ideal audience’s perspective. It helps us to focus on key content ideas – and reinforcing keywords that are important for you to be known and found for.

It also removes the doubt about whether or not you are creating the “right thing” since you’ve had a thought partner (me!) to help you tease out and strategize the content that would work best for you and your audience.  You end up with a plan that you feel has been vetted and isn’t coming out of thin air when you feel moved to “create content”.

You’ll end up with a month to twelve weeks planned out with direction about what content you are going to create. You don’t have to wonder each week or month what you’re going to do — staring at a blank page or calendar. These “content conversations” remove your stress of worrying about “what” and “when” and help you to focus your attention and energy on “how” to make your content great! 

Here are several other great ways to help you with your content planning: 

What Is Your Planning Style 

3 Super Simple Planning Steps + Templates

How to Simplify Your Online Marketing + Free Content Calendar

If you’re interested in a “content conversation” so we can get your content strategically planned, let’s chat and make it happen. Head over to my calendar here and let’s schedule some time to chat!