How a First-Time Author Prepares for Book Launch

Behind the Seens with David C. Wells, Jr.

CFA and Founder of Family Capital Strategies, David C. Wells, Jr. recently launched his first book, When Anything is Possible: Wealth and the Art of Strategic Living. I had the honor of working with David on helping him get ready for his book launch in January. Check out our video conversation where we walk through David’s journey from writing his book to launch and beyond.

What you’ll learn:

How David’s expertise (and love of reading) guided him to decision to write his book. 

How David decided independent publishing was the right path for him.

How we crafted his “author” platform from his existing website(s).

How we “layered-in” book content and promotion into his already robust content plan.

It’s not likely to over-promote your book launch. 

Why it’s really OK (and rewarding) to work on outreach for reviews and promotion help – especially if you do it in an authentic way. 

How traditional PR and publicity supports a book launch and helps build future business.

Yes, it takes a team to make your book launch as successful as it can be!

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