About Nancy Sheed

I Get It!!!

Frustrated? Overwhelmed? I have been where you are – completely confused with all of the social media networks, technology and experts all promising to help grow my business (or my clients’ business) but really not having a clear understanding as to how they all worked – or better yet – how they all worked together. I’ve spent hundreds if not thousands of hours trying to keep on top of it all, taking classes, attending conferences, listening to webinars, teaching myself, learning by trial and error (there have been plenty of errors!) and constantly networking over the past several years.

It wasn’t the easiest most direct path, but now you can benefit from my experience and skip the harried scary DIY learning curve – saving you loads of time, money and frustration! You can jumpstart your online marketing efforts with clarity, direction and focus when we work together on your social media, email marketing and website content development. Schedule a “clarity call” now to get started.

Want to know more about how I got here?

I have been planning and promoting parties (social), creating and selling things (entrepreneur), reading Vogue and BusinessWeek (media) and working with the very first Macintosh computers (technology) since well before high school. So it makes total sense that I run a business helping people connect and tell their stories through social media, email marketing and website content – right?

But no surprise, it was a slightly circuitous route . . .

My official career path began by way of an accounting degree (accounting paid more than marketing!) in hopes of getting awesome (and possibly international) business experience in New York City. Starting out with a Big 6 accounting firm and moving to a couple of different private equity firms was a terrific career foundation for a fundamental understanding of the corporate world. However, my extroverted, marketing heart was bursting to do something more aligned with my passions of media and marketing, so I moved into financial and editorial PR at Worth magazine, then Bloomberg / BusinessWeek. It was an exciting new frontier as the world was just starting to figure out how this whole new “online thing” was going to work.

I eventually left the corporate world to freelance and have some greater flexibility with my family. Doing freelance PR and small business marketing management for several years eventually evolved into Sheed Communications! I have been blessed to work with best-selling authors, start-ups, small businesses and solopreneurs seeking to authentically integrate this critical “new” form of communications into their marketing strategies.

See it all comes full circle – the explosion of social media and online marketing is truly the perfect match of my passion and experience coming together to serve you . . .

  • being social – inviting you to get comfortable and confident operating in this overwhelming, constantly-changing tech-y world.
  • being a connector – helping you see where your online connections aren’t serving you well and optimizing them for meaningful engagement.
  • being your biggest fan – promoting your story, your services and your businesses to the right audience with a clear and comprehensive strategy and growth plan.

About Nancy

Nancy Sheed - Sheed Communications

10 Things I Love*

  • Kentucky
  • My boys
  • Brits
  • My mom
  • Sisters
  • Being on, in, or near the water
  • Helping others
  • Throwing a party
  • Music festivals & live music
  • WFUV *in no particular order*

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