Why and How to Use Storytelling in Your Content

Behind the “Seens” with Jen Liddy

Ever have that sinking feeling of not knowing what to say or write for your social media, website, blog, sales pages, and emails? Or you know you have a message, but you’re not sure how to make it as relatable and relevant as possible? Check out this recent conversation with Content Creation Specialist, Jen Liddy aka the “Content Whisperer” for inspiration and strategies for elevating your content with storytelling.

How her path from English teacher to fitness studio co-owner to coach has landed her into the sweet spot of being a content creation specialist.

How do we define content: “Everything is content. Content is everything.”

What is the difference between a linear thinker and spiraly thinker and how does it impact your content? 

Why storytelling is critical to help your audience understand your message. 

How to handle vulnerability in your storytelling and content. 

Why paying attention is critical to good storytelling. 

How to forward engineer or reverse engineer storytelling. 

How to capture your ideas for good stories. 

How you can use nuggets of the story – instead of worrying about the whole story.

How you focus on the details of your story to be much more relatable. 

Really really knowing your audience will help stories be more relevant.

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