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Reset, Restart, Return, Reopen?

How are you springing out into the rest of this year?

Whether it’s because it’s spring, the second quarter, or the fact that the world feels like it’s coming back to life, it feels like we should be planning and taking some next steps, right? 

But if I’ve learned anything over this past year of pandemic, it’s that planning can be a precarious endeavor in these times. So I’ve been very curious about how others are approaching this time of possibility. 

Here are a few interesting and useful approaches, articles, podcasts, essays and prayers that I’ve discovered this month:

Personally, I can only wrap my head around the next 2+ months and basically getting me and my family (we’ve got some milestones happening!) mentally and emotionally into summer. Over this time, though, I’d like (or I’m hoping) to be really intentional about how to make the most of the second half of 2021. 

What about you? How are you approaching this time? 

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