Happy clients are my buzz!

Nothing beats the “a-ha” moments of understanding how to effectively use social media, getting confidence and clarity on exactly what to do online, seeing fan engagement grow and having social media managed with thoughtful, creative and authentic voice and brand messaging.


"In promoting my books, blog, and feature articles, Nancy creates the online marketing strategies for my website, my email newsletter, and all of my social media platforms. Since we began working together, my fan base has grown to over 40,000 followers and subscribers." Laura Vanderkam.

Laura Vanderkam

“I love working with Nancy because she helps me think and keeps me organized and gives me ideas and also gives me pep talks. With both of my launches, she helped me create a plan that we strategically worked out together and she was ‘on call’ throughout the whole project for guidance and advice about how to get more visibility. Plus she’s just delightful. I consider her a friend, not just a consultant." Kate Hanley.

Kate Hanley

"I’m an author, and Nancy worked with me on marketing my latest project. And wow, did she do an amazing job. I was thrilled with her creativity, professionalism, follow-through, organization, contacts, you name it. She got the word out, gave me good advice, came up with sharp messages and even helped design the logo. I plan to work with her again, and soon." A.J. Jacobs.

A.J. Jacobs

"Nancy has been a wonderful advisor and thought partner on my journey to publication. She's well versed in marketing strategies for authors and helps devise sustainable systems and routines to meaningfully engage with audiences online. If you need gentle nudges to make time for marketing, she's the coach for you. Nancy encourages, inspires, and supports authors in building audiences for their work with authenticity and intention." Maya Smart.

Maya Smart

“We came to Nancy for help crafting our book and the marketing plan we knew we needed to make it a success. It wasn't enough to have a great idea to share, we wanted the book in as many hands as possible! Nancy was incredibly easy and fun to work with, she pushed us when appropriate and was always curious about our goals and ideas too. Working with her helped us put a plan in place that got us to #1 on Amazon, which led to a deal with a publishing house for an expanded version of the book!” Alexandra Jamieson and Bob Gower.

Alexandra Jamieson and Bob Gower

"Working with Nancy made all the difference in the success of my book launch. She helped me build a strong marketing platform and then prepare that platform for the ultimate release of the book. She was a great source of ideas and encouragement in the lonely process of writing a book!" David C. Wells, Jr..

David C. Wells, Jr.