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What does disruption feel like to you?

I admire the idea of disruption but it sort of scares me too. I’ve been thinking about how to disrupt my own business but that sort of scares me too.

Back in October, I changed up some of my operating and support systems and I’ve also been changing up my work mix. While I wouldn’t call it a full disruption, it feels like lots of change to me and I’m not always sure I’m headed in the “right” direction. I’m a bit like my own clients who say to me “Tell me what I need to do”!  But ultimately it’s up to us – not someone else to make the change happen.

Anyway, I’m sitting here on what feels like the edge or cusp of disruption while taking it one small step at a time. Here are some of the l steps I’m taking: 

  1. Embracing AI when it can get me unstuck (ChatGPT) or make me more productive (Krisp.ai).
  2. Taking on projects that excite me but don’t fit my usual work model.
  3. MORE meeting people in real life (IRL). This is where the magic happens – the need for human interaction, connection and community is where ideas become possibilities. 

I’m curious – what does disruption look like or feel like to you? And what’s becoming possible for you? 

As always, check out my “74 Experts, Tools & Resources for Engaging & Growing Your Audience” for a comprehensive compilation of resources to help you take your next big (or small) steps! 

What Makes A Great Reach Out

Behind the Seens with Molly Beck and Carly Valancy

One of the best practices I’ve discovered during the pandemic is reaching out! It can be game changing for your network, your business, and clarity on your purpose. Huge gratitude to Molly Beck and Carly Valancy who have been fearlessly leading “Reach Out” parties since April. Check out their advice on what makes a great reach out in this fun video.

While much of this is common sense, there is an art and science to a great reach out: 

  1. Compelling subject line that is unique; use Title Case
  2. Keep it short
  3. Make it specific
  4. Give a gift
  5. Follow the impulse, have the courage to send it

If you are interested to learn more from our fun conversation, here is full interview:

In this full version of the “Behind the Seens – The Power of the Reach Out” we cover: 

  • Learn how Molly got her book deal for Reach Out
  • How Molly and Carly met – a reach out of course.
  • How the Reach Out parties started.
  • What makes a great reach out
  • The power of reaching out as a community.

For more information about Reaching Out, check out Molly’s book Reach Out and consider joining the Reach Out parties

If you want to learn more about how to be seen, be found, be heard, please connect with me on the socials or let’s set up a call to chat

Online Marketing Advice You Need To Know Now

Marketing Tips and Takeaways from INBOUND17

Still spinning from INBOUND17, an annual marketing conference in Boston, where I spent four days with 20,000 other fellow marketers, I am excited to share some of the top takeaways and immediately actionable insights. These ideas will help you be strategic about what’s trending in online marketing, so you can stay ahead of the curve and become even more connected to your clients and fans. Dive on in.

1> “Instagram is Facebook’s next Facebook”

So says Facebook’s (owner of Instagram) CEO Jeff Zuckerberg. Straight from the horse’s mouth, Facebook expert Mari Smith advised it is imperative to include Instagram in your social media strategy. When Facebook is putting their energy there, so should you, with opportunities for the fastest growth in growing your followers and increasing your brand awareness.

TAKEAWAY TIP – Connect your Instagram profile to your Facebook page for analytics about how to be more strategic with the right audience. Make sure that your Instagram is “on brand” with the rest of your social media profiles.

2> Video, video, video!

Yes, video continues to be the content darling with social media, especially with Facebook TV and video ads. Also from Mari Smith’s presentation, we heard how Facebook is (still) giving priority to videos created in Facebook—not only for posts, but also for ads. It is getting easier and easier to create more professional ads without having to spend a fortune on video production. Some of the video tools Mari recommended were Wave and Animoto.

TAKEAWAY TIP – If you haven’t started, start RIGHT NOW! Start experimenting and post something THIS WEEK! If you have started, take it up a level – especially if you have a great idea for video or television series.

3> Less is more. Quality over quantity.

20% of your content (the unicorns) is bringing in 80% of your traffic. Work it, be smart, be strategic. This message was repeated in many different forums with varying degrees of statistics. But the general message from all of the speakers I heard (Dharmesh Shah, Hubspot; Larry Kim, Wordstream, and Garrett Moon, CoSchedule) was that you should focus your growth (10x growth, not 10% growth) on these really big content ideas and winners.

TAKEAWAY TIP – Find your most popular content (check the analytics from your website and social media) and make a plan to make it work harder.


4> Be human and connect.

We all want to belong – but we need to be solid in belonging first to ourselves. With a new book out, called Braving The Wilderness, Brene Brown kicked off the conference with a most powerful call for everyone to be more engaged with their fellow humankind. Fresh from the front of the Houston hurricane disasters, she had real life stories and proof that we are capable of being humans together – not apart.

TAKEAWAY TIP – Call, touch, hug and/or really look at someone today and everyday! But also as we think of our companies and brands, it’s imperative to be OK and even stand out or stand alone in our authenticity.


5> Creativity happens whenever we solve problems.

I took comfort in being reminded that being a creator doesn’t mean you have to be an artist or designer, or really good at making things pretty. Specifically, Wharton professor and author Adam Grant had some very pragmatic suggestions no matter what you do or who you are for how to bring creative ideas to life …which often involve working with your grumpy outlier cohorts.

TAKEAWAY TIP – Have a plan for bringing your next big idea to life. Don’t assume the people who are like you or who like you are always going to be your biggest advocates and the people who can most help you succeed.

Check out my LIVE FB video from INBOUND here. And if you want more insight in how to apply these trends and tips to your online marketing strategy, set up a clarity call with me now.

6 Ways to Grow Your Business or Your Brand This Month

Whether you are interested in social media success, online branding, networking or business development, there is something for everyone over the next few weeks of November.  Most of these events – if not free – are a great value, worth your investment of time and money and some don’t even require you to leave your desk!   So if you are feeling like you need a bit of jump start this month, don’t miss these great opportunities.

Personal Branding 21 Day Challenge –  Nov. 1st – 30th,  Online
When you sign up, personal branding megastar Jill Celeste offers 80 personal branding activities, challenging participants to complete 21 of them by the end of the month. It’s perfect for any entrepreneur who wants to attract more clients to his/her business.
$39.99; Register here 

The Half Day Solution – Nov. 5th, 8:30am – Stamford, CT
A free introductory event with Fabienne Fredrickson leader of Client Attraction Business School focused on strategies and solutions for overcoming entrepreneurial challenges.  (There other events in VA and WA – check the site).
Free; Register here

Launching “Disruptive” Brands And Loving It  – Nov. 7th,  9am – Rye, NY
The fantastic monthly Women Entrepreneurs’ Network meet-up will learn from Jason Dorf CEO of The Goodnight Family LLC about  innovative growth strategies for start-ups.
$20 donation; Register here

“Understanding Google Analytics” – Nov. 14th, 8am – Darien, CT
This month 341U will host Google guru Kate Hamilton Miller who will share how to use Google Analytics for actionable insights, custom reports and conversion tracking.
$25; Register here

“The Art of Success!”  – Nov. 14th,  1pm – Online
A free webinar to teach you how to design a Brand that will make you look GREAT…online, in print and in person!  Hosted by Robin Dann of Studio G Creative Design & Brand Development.
Free; Register here

“Online Marketing Masterminds” – Nov. 18th, 5:30 – Stamford, CT
Internet marketing veterans Ryan Lee and Mary Agnes Antonopoulos will be sharing their step by step strategies for building and monetizing an audience online through blogging and social media. All proceeds from the event will go towards Operation Hope.
$35; Register here

With all of these opportunities, I either personally know the host , speaker or sponsor or I will be attending the event or BOTH!   So please feel free to contact me or leave a comment if you have any questions about any of these events.

Are there other events this month on your do-not-miss list?  Please share!

You Don’t Always Have To Be ON!

I’m not usually a ranter . . . but I was happy to “Simmer Down My Sassy Pants” recently with Mallie Hart (More Mallie) for a podcast where we challenge the belief that you have to be doing social media all of the time to be effective.

Tune in for contrarian advice on how unplugging and disconnecting will actually make you better when you are working on your online with your social media efforts.

When do you choose to disconnect?  Why?  How does it help?  Please share in the comments – and let me know what you think of the podcast.  Thanks.