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What does disruption feel like to you?

I admire the idea of disruption but it sort of scares me too. I’ve been thinking about how to disrupt my own business but that sort of scares me too.

Back in October, I changed up some of my operating and support systems and I’ve also been changing up my work mix. While I wouldn’t call it a full disruption, it feels like lots of change to me and I’m not always sure I’m headed in the “right” direction. I’m a bit like my own clients who say to me “Tell me what I need to do”!  But ultimately it’s up to us – not someone else to make the change happen.

Anyway, I’m sitting here on what feels like the edge or cusp of disruption while taking it one small step at a time. Here are some of the l steps I’m taking: 

  1. Embracing AI when it can get me unstuck (ChatGPT) or make me more productive (Krisp.ai).
  2. Taking on projects that excite me but don’t fit my usual work model.
  3. MORE meeting people in real life (IRL). This is where the magic happens – the need for human interaction, connection and community is where ideas become possibilities. 

I’m curious – what does disruption look like or feel like to you? And what’s becoming possible for you? 

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