What Makes A Great Reach Out

Behind the Seens with Molly Beck and Carly Valancy

One of the best practices I’ve discovered during the pandemic is reaching out! It can be game changing for your network, your business, and clarity on your purpose. Huge gratitude to Molly Beck and Carly Valancy who have been fearlessly leading “Reach Out” parties since April. Check out their advice on what makes a great reach out in this fun video.

While much of this is common sense, there is an art and science to a great reach out: 

  1. Compelling subject line that is unique; use Title Case
  2. Keep it short
  3. Make it specific
  4. Give a gift
  5. Follow the impulse, have the courage to send it

If you are interested to learn more from our fun conversation, here is full interview:

In this full version of the “Behind the Seens – The Power of the Reach Out” we cover: 

  • Learn how Molly got her book deal for Reach Out
  • How Molly and Carly met – a reach out of course.
  • How the Reach Out parties started.
  • What makes a great reach out
  • The power of reaching out as a community.

For more information about Reaching Out, check out Molly’s book Reach Out and consider joining the Reach Out parties

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