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How to Navigate a Smooth Transition for Your Team

Whether you are on-boarding or off-boarding a team member or a client, a smooth transition is always the goal. While there are likely to be a few hiccups or bumps, there are several things you can do to make the process as successful as possible. 

Ideally, you want everyone whether they are leaving or just joining to have the right information, the adequate resources and appropriate access to continue after the transition. 

Following are some tips and tools to help you manage the process and avoid common pitfalls:

1. Plan in plenty of time

Give as much notice as you can. Take more time than you need. Make a timeline from announcement to effective final transition date. Also plan in status meetings and meetings where critical decisions can be discussed and possible shadowing and training can occur. 

Tools to use: Google Calendar, Zoom, Asana 

2. Create thorough documentation of processes and standard operating procedures

When you have a new support team, make sure they understand the existing process before they start new work. If your business grows and implements new processes, create videos to make it easier for anyone to know how to proceed. Create easy-to-follow documented steps so that someone can refer back to when needed.

Tools to use: Loom video, Asana, Google Workspace

3. Prepare transition tools

Preparing transition tools takes a lot of time. You have to make sure that all the information and documents, files and visual assets are ready, so they can be handed over to the next team member, who is going to take over your and manage the work no matter what. Not doing this can often lead to delays and mistakes.

Tools to use: Canva, Google Workspace, Last Pass 

4. Reassess access 

Determining who has access to critical information, files, programs, accounts and passwords is a major consideration in times of transition. Setting everything up so it can be easily and securely shared or transferred is a solid foundation for any business no matter how big or small. 

Tools to use: Last Pass, Google Workspace

5. Make introductions to external working partners or parties

While transition and training is taking place, make sure to make introductions to outside vendors or support staff like website designers, podcast producers and publishing teams. This helps the new team member feel welcomed and saves the time of having to explain who they are and what they might need in the future. 

6. Conduct exit interviews and check-in meetings when possible

Learning from insider experience is key. Before the completion of off-boarding occurs, set aside time for a healthy discussion about the experience and explore areas of continued improvement, efficiency and innovation.

Change is always hard even if it is for the better. So paving the way with thoughtful planning and helpful systems can make the transition far more successful. 

Special thanks to Jen Lehner and her Front Row CEO program for being such an expert leader and guide in navigating business growth opportunities like this. 

Why It Took Me Two Weeks To Send This

How do you handle this?

This blog post was meant to go live over two weeks ago. But I couldn’t send it. I didn’t know how to strike the balance in acknowledging the acts of war occurring in Ukraine while trying to move forward with “business as usual” without seeming unmoved, unsympathetic, or tone-deaf.

So I started asking others:
“How do you communicate with your audience right now?”

The responses were all over the place with some who kept emailing and posting on social media with no mention of Ukraine, while others had all but stopped their communications unless it revolved around the most recent news cycle. A few commented that it felt like we were going from crisis to crisis these days so they were adapting to this new normal.

After discovering a few thoughtful posts about “do-scrolling” (thanks, A.J.) and “hope-scrolling” (thanks, Jeffrey) and being inspired by countless thoughtful acts of grace and generosity, I landed in a place acknowledging, we can show empathy, support, and awareness AND we can also keep working (and sending emails like this) to help our communities be the best they can!

I’d love to hear from you though about how you integrate what’s going on in the world with your work.


HYBRID EVENT: In-Person & Virtual

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How to Make a Good First Impression Online

Are you frustrated that people don’t “get” who you are or “what you are about” when they look at your website or social media profiles? Feel like your success and expertise don’t really come through when people check you out online?


You know what I’m talking about when you look at others’ profiles or websites – and you just can’t quite figure out what they do. So you have to scroll and click and scroll and click (if you don’t give up) trying to better understand what they are about before you will decide to connect with them – or better yet – subscribe to their newsletter or buy their book or service?

Oh – I get it!

On the other hand, don’t you love it when you go to someone’s social media profiles or website and you instantly “get it”? The way they are portraying themselves online makes you quickly and easily want more of what they are sharing, teaching or offering – right? You excitedly hit “follow” or “connect” or offer up your email address to get their expert content delivered right to your email inbox!

Do you wonder what the secret is? How do some people make this terrific first impression so effortlessly, while others send mixed and confusing messages?

Wonder no more…there are the 3 simple changes that you can make online to instantly look like the expert you are?

Seriously, these 3 things have nothing to do with elevator pitches, or target audiences or even high-falutin’ technology! They are ludicrously simple improvements that can even be managed in less than a ½ hour.

The three things that you need to change or update are:

  1. Your picture
  2. Your bio
  3. Your CTA (Call To Action)

Sound too easy, or think you already have this covered? Or want to know more? Then dive into this downloadable “3 SIMPLE CHANGES TO INSTANTLY IMPROVE YOUR “EXPERT” STATUS ONLINE” guide – right now.


The easy-to-follow guide walks you through the best practices for each one of these elements, and breaks it down so you define who you are, what you’re about and why people should connect with you.

Once you are clear and consistent with these 3 key elements across your social media networks and on your website, it will be so much easier for your fans to value you as an expert, engage with you and help grow your platform.

Want to know more about building your platform for your next big book launch or creative project? Let’s schedule a “clarity call” and see if I can help.