Ready to Take the Stage with Your Big Talk?

Behind the “Seens” with Tricia Brouk

What a treat this conversation was! International award-winning director, executive producer, podcaster and general queen of the stage, Tricia Brouk took time to share her wisdom about how, why and when you are ready to take the stage and give your big talk.

Here are some of the highlights of our conversation: 

The world has changed and people are realizing we are all connected and we have a mission to tell our stories even if only for the one person who needs to hear it. 

How do you know you are ready to give a talk? 

Are you clear on your Purpose, Values and Mission?

When you are clear who you are as a communicator, then your message will resonate: captivatingly (yes, it’s a word!); powerfully and impactfully to help you get your message to the people who are meant to hear it. 

What comes first – the idea for the talk or the desire to give a talk?

How do you know if your talk idea is good – or if you’re ready?

What’s more important? Message or Delivery?

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