A Creative Path to a Book Publishing Deal

Behind the Seens with Alex Jamieson and Bob Gower, co-authors of Radical Alignment

Having published several books, co-authors (and partners) Alex Jamieson and Bob Gower share their creative journey on how they went from self-publishing to their most recent book deal and also share what makes a good book publishing partner.

Here are some highlights: 

Learn how Alex and Bob’s career and life trajectories brought them to their book (with an update from the last time we spoke with them 2 years ago).

The idea for their book started as a tool / method they used successfully for healthy communications personally and professionally.

Why they decided to create a book together (Thanks, Rebecca!) and self-publish originally.

Knowing how to launch a book is key no matter your publishing path.

Here’s how to make the leap from self-publishing to traditional publishing with the same book.

The secrets to get the right publishing deal for your book.

Mistakes they made and lessons they learned from their publishing deal.

  • Audio rights were critical to this book.
  • Extra time and new content make the traditional book more engaging.

What makes a good book publishing partner.

How Alex and Bob each use their book as a client tool / asset for their businesses.

When writing your book think about how it can change and uplevel your business.

Your book can be a launching pad.

Point in case, a new book website with additional service offerings just went LIVE: https://getradicalalignment.com/

How co-authors work to collaborate and promote their work together and their work apart.

Done well and thoughtfully, they created their brand together.

Learn more from Alex and Bob at their newly launched book website: https://getradicalalignment.com/book/

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