How Thought Leaders Can Build Their Businesses

Behind the Seens with Carolyn Herfurth

In this fun and insightful (and a bit technically challenged) conversation with take-no-BS, tell-it-like-it-is Carolyn Herfurth, we learn how she helps thought leaders to uplevel and play a bigger game in their businesses.

Here are some highlights: 

How we got to know each other and who is Carolyn identifies as a thought leader.

What’s the new playbook for creating and marketing your “expert” business.

Why the masculine model no longer works and doesn’t feel right.

Plot twist: “Our businesses are built around our marketing and our marketing is built around our business.”

What’s different about creating, building and marketing our businesses now.

Carolyn’s five pillars to setting up your business:

  1. What is your business model
  2. How are you positioned as a thought leader
  3. How do you market yourself
  4. How do you sell yourself
  5. Mindset

It’s such a relief to hear Carolyn remind us that “there is no one right way to do this.”

How to break that cycle of what you “should do” and find out what works best for you.

Seek to find out what is your value in what I can do and what feels true to you. 

How did the pandemic pivot work for thought leaders?

Are you interested in “what’s next” with your thought leadership business, connect with Carolyn at her website:

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