The Upsides of Podcasting for an Author

Behind the Seens with Kate Hanley

Author and podcaster Kate Hanley shares how her podcast helped her find her voice, get a sponsor, and reach a wider audience.  In approaching her one-year anniversary, Kate Hanley generously shares some how-tos and benefits of podcasting that surprised her.

In the video we talk about: 

1) her process, batching and consistency

2) if it got easier

3) getting a sponsor – see video below

4) how she could pivot and respond in the pandemic world

5) the unexpected surprises since she launched her podcast

Want to learn how Kate Hanley got her first sponsor for her #HowToBeABetterPerson podcast without really trying (and she’s since gotten more!) Watch now where you’ll learn iIt has as much to do with great content, consistency, and authenticity as it does with numbers of listeners and downloads!

Always fun to chat and learn from Kate! Learn more at where you will find all about her book and podcast.

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