Why you need to get out from behind your computer

Because you meet totally cool people, like Guy Kawasaki.  Guy is serious social marketing guru, content management master and a serial author and now publisher.  Check out his newest book: APE-Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur, How to Publish a Book.  We crossed paths yesterday at the Book Expo America (BEA), the big confab for the publishing industry and book peeps.

Even if you don’t meet people like Guy all the time (I certainly don’t), it’s important to get away from the grind and the never-ending to-do list at work and make sure you make time for yourself, build your network and invest in your career.

Here are a few terrific articles about the value of networking:
How an introvert learned to love networking – Laura Vanderkam
How to network to get clients – Fabienne Fredrickson
The importance of networking – Rishi Chowdry

Now, step away from your work and go meet some new people!