Use your network

It’s right there in front of you – or at least on your phone in your contacts list or on your email server (or even in your old fashioned address book).  Right there – your network of friends, family and fans – who probably haven’t heard from you in a while and would be very interested (maybe surprised) to hear about your new business, project or accomplishment.

You don’t have to be boastful or bragging, but it would behoove you to make sure that you connect with your peeps on a regular basis.  Pick up the phone, send them a note, post some news on Facebook, accept a request on LinkedIn, or consider a fun email campaign (yes – there is such a thing as a fun email campaign).  You never know what they might need or who they might know or what great ideas they might have unless you make the connection.

Further tips and ideas about staying connected:
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So before you spend loads of time, energy and money tracking down new customers or clients, make sure that you are fully engaged with the ones that you already know!