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Listening. Learning. Being vs Doing. It’s tricky.

So . . .  we are in the third month of a global pandemic AND we’re nearly a month into a global anti-racism movement that hopefully won’t be just a moment. 

So much going on. So much to feel, contemplate and grieve. 

This is not easy. This is uncomfortable. This does not feel good. This is emotional. We are all making mistakes. And finding the balance of being and doing is really tricky and hard. 

I am not sure how you are getting through these times, but here are some helpful mantras I’m finding useful. . . Listen. Learn. Find your lane. Use your platform. Do not judge. Seek grace.

As I approach things from the perspective of a connector and a curator, I’d like to share several resources – focused mainly on racial injustice – I have discovered over the past several weeks that are helping me to understand and process and be present to the profound changes we are experiencing:

  • Talented artist and designer, Danielle Coke aka @ohHappyDani – has become a leader in her own right on the subject of racism. Check out her Instagram video series “Up, In and Out” that aired LIVE June 1-3.
  • Former NFL player Emmanuel Acho is having courageous conversations about racism in with a series Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man; Here’s how he introduced the videos: “Dear white people, For days you’ve asked me what you can do to help. I’ve finally found an answer. Let your guard down and listen.”
  • Adrian Parker is not only the Global Vice President, Marketing – Patrón Tequila, and he is also a podcaster of the Unfollow podcast and a very thoughtful and discerning Christian on the subject of racism. 
  • #SharetheMicNow is a movement that launched last week pairing influential white women with Black women where they shared their platforms for new audiences and understanding. 
  • The book “White Fragility” by Robin Diangelo was recommended to me as a great place to start. So I am. There will be a book group discussion hosted by Hayvn on July 13th. LMK if you’re interested in details. 
  • Support #BlackPublishingPower this week by buying two books by Black authors to help them “blackout” the bestseller list. I’ve ordered Trevor Noah’s “Born A Crime” and “The Vanishing Half” by Brit Bennett.

It’s been great to see how friends and clients are using their work, platforms and voices for change: 

  • Author and podcaster, Kate Hanley is focusing her “How To Be A Better Person” podcast this week on the “Inner Work of Anti-Racism”. So much goodness here. 
  • Susan McPherson has always been a champion of social justice and impact. Heck, her company, McPherson Strategies, specializes in it. Sign up for her McPherson Memo newsletter and follow her on Instagram for up-to-the-minute news, movements and events for a better world. 
  • For people and organizations interested in making value-based changes, Debra Hertz of The Strategy Group offered a free webinar on “Radical Reflection” and the exercises she shares are simple yet powerful. 
  • Author Kelly Corrigan (not a friend yet or client, but I’m a huge fan!) has turned her BYOB videos into the “Education of Corrigan, Kelly” where she is sharing her journey of learning and understanding more about racism and supporting Black people. 

Also, I have to say that my awesome #SaltsmanSisters have been a huge source of inspiration: 

  • Holland Saltsman is the owner of The Novel Neighbor bookstore in St. Louis, shared a very heartfelt and inspiring pledge to her community
  • Ashley Parker who owns her own real estate firm and is also the Chair of the Louisville Independent Business Alliance took a stand on local television
  • Jacque Saltsman is a leadership coach and has been on the path to ally-ship for quite some time. I am humbled by the courageous work she does. Follow her on Facebook for action steps for justice.

Who are you learning from? Where is your inspiration coming from right now? How are you – really??? 

What’s Your Planning Style?

Are you like me and the idea of resolutions makes you a bit queasy – especially talking or thinking about them before January? Join the club – and celebrate that January is just a month like any other. If and when you are ready to make some plans for your new year, then take a look at some of my favorite resources and experts below.

I basically take a little bit from each one of these approaches to mosh up “my plan” that feels good and aligned with what I want to accomplish and how I want to feel at the end of this year.

Kate Hanley / Better Than Resolutions Week – check out her episodes 89 – 94 of her “How to Be a Better Person” podcast. Each less-than-5 minute episode gives you an easy task to get started on planning and goal setting.

One Word – yes, there is actually a book and helpful approach to finding your “one word” for the year. I always think I know what it is going to be until I actually go through the process and then I am always surprised when my word finds me. The year it’s PRESENT.

Laura Vanderkam / Best of Both Worlds: Goals 2020 – This annual episode provides helpful insight on how to map out what you want to and actually put some time frames and accountability around it. Laura’s approach also helps to prevent the overwhelm that comes when you front-end your goals, but instead shows you how to pace them out over the year in simple categories.

Patty Lennon / Marketing Planner For Coaches & Consultants – If marketing is where you get stuck, then check out Patty’s easy and simple 5 Step Planner to take the overwhelm out of promoting yourself and your business.

Miriam Schulman / Art Journaling – Call all creatives who hate the idea of planning. Take advantage of Miriams’ FREE (for a limited time) Art of Journaling video series. Yes, doodling really can make you productive.

Jen Lehner / Content Planner – Another favorite of mine is Jen Lehner’s Content Planning System. Her holistic yet very tactical system ensures your content actually sees the light of day. It’s one of the many many overwhelmingly valuable tools she shares with her Front Row CEO group.

Nancy Sheed / Content Planning templates – I also have simple, customizable content planning templates to help you bring structure and schedule to your content and marketing planning. You can download them for free here – and learn more about how use them here and here.

Happy purposeful and productive planning!