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A New Way to Use Personal Brand Photos for Marketing & Business Growth

Behind the “Seens” with Alice Patterson, Photographer and Owner of Loving My Company

Alice Patterson is not just another photographer. She specializes in personal brand photography for women entrepreneurs. She has created and designed her business, Loving My Company, to be a unique membership for female business owners who are expanding their businesses and their networks through very engaging social media and content marketing.

It’s not complicated in the entrepreneurial space to understand the importance of personal branding. Growing your business and expanding your reach is part of the job. Personal brand photography, however, is what allows organic and curated traffic to see you at your best.

“It’s what you do and who you are…You’re trying to merge your personality with your marketing messaging.” – Alice Patterson

Alice explains and shares the following key points around brand photography, her company and the unique space she’s created:

  • Why people need pictures of themselves for their work
  • The importance of showing up
  • Things to know about marketing yourself in your business
  • Benefits of fresh images
  • How to do a group photo session

Participating in personal branding photoshoots can be a great investment for your business. Instead of putting off updating your photos or filling space in between professional photoshoots with your own possibly sub-par photo quality, Alice’s subscription model creates the opportunity for so much more. 

Alice’s model of personal branding photoshoots goes well beyond her talent in photography:

“It has become, like a community. It’s become networking. It has shown me that it’s actually easier and more fun to have other people there.”

-Alice Patterson

Connect with Alice at Loving My Company:

Alice Patterson Website

Alice Patterson Instagram

Interested in exploring where you are in your branding journey? Let’s chat! If you want to learn more about how to be seen, be found, be heard, please connect with me on the socials or let’s set up a call to chat.