Plunging Into the New Year

Technically, I like to say my new year starts on February 1st. This gives me the space and grace to go into January feeling OK and open – NOT overwhelmed! It also allows me to fully enjoy the holidays with family and friends. 

So instead of beating myself up about busted resolutions by the end of the month, I spend January getting some foundations set and some housekeeping out of the way.

What exactly does that mean you might ask? For me this is what it has looked like so far this month: 

  • Cleaning up Asana (project management software)
  • Moving from Goodreads -> StoryGraph (not owned by Amazon)
  • Moving personal finance tracking from Mint  -> Quicken
  • Finishing up a big CRM overhaul 
  • Finalizing my ONE WORD for 2024
  • Mapping out big ideas in the “Big Ass” notebook – IYKYK!
  • Having conversations with the people I want to see and work with this year
  • Blocking and locking in important events* and trips on my calendar

Usually, I have a better idea of how my year is shaping up as I head into it, but moving into this year has seemed more hazy and unclear than usual. My intuitive friend and coach Patty Lennon tells me it’s because we are moving from a “7” year to an “8” year – which, when I researched it a bit more, makes total sense.  

Regardless, I am happy to report that new energy and enthusiasm for this year is on the rise, and I’m moving forward even if I cannot see exactly where I’m headed. I’m excited!

What about you? How are you plunging into the new year? Are things rock solid set in place or fuzzy and all over the place? I’d love to hear about it – or if I might be able to help. Book some time to chat – now!!!!