Playlist - Four Bands Two Nights

Playlist: Four Bands in Two Nights – July 2018

Evidently, going to concerts on a regular basis can increase your lifespan. If that’s the case, I’m in good shape, especially this past week, when I went to back-to-back shows in New York City, seeing 4 bands in two nights! Both evenings were terrific: Dispatch and Nahko + Medicine for the People were on Wednesday at SummerStage on a lovely perfect evening. Then on Thursday night, Beck headlined at Madison Square Garden with Jenny Lewis as his opening act, and we were on the floor—so close! I’ve loved Beck for years, been following Jenny Lewis for a while, but only this year did I discover Dispatch (in Tempe at Innings Festival—don’t know what took me so long to find them).

Still on my “high” (figurative, not literal) from the shows, I’ve mashed together some of my favorite songs from each of the bands into a nice little playlist here. You’ll find a range of genres (you’d get that from Beck alone—ha) but I think you’ll also notice common themes of discord, nostalgia, passing time, concern about the world, and yes, some hope.



Isn’t that why we go to shows and listen to music in the first place—to be inspired and feel a little better about the world? Anyway, get to a show soon, it’s good for you. And if you need a concert partner, hit me up!