HAYVN Book Group: The Accidental Suffragist by Galia Gichon

Join us for our monthly HAYVN Book Group – in person, back at Hayvn on July 13th from 5 -6 pm! Then will join up with the Hayvn Happy Hour after!

For July, we’ll read and discuss The Accidental Suffragist by Galia Gichon(a Hayvn member!). Galia will join us for the book discussion of her debut novel which just came out this month. The conversation will be hosted by Nancy Sheed of Sheed Communications. 

About The Accidental Suffragist

It’s 1912. After a tragic event, Helen Fox—a factory worker living in New York’s tenements—attends her first suffrage meeting, quickly becoming seduced by the cause. Accepting a job offer from leader Harriot Stanton Blatch, Helen finds herself working alongside famous activists as she tries to change the world, afford the basics, and balance a disgruntled family back home when she marches to Washington, D.C. In a time when the obstacles for women— from any background—were insurmountable, Helen discovers her voice and dreams of equality in a male-dominated society.

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