HAYVN Book Group: Reinventing Social Change with author Nell Edgington

On Wednesday, November 10 at 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm, we’ll read and discuss Reinventing Social Change: Embrace Abundance to Create a Healthier and More Equitable World and be joined by the author Nell Edgington.

Reinventing Social Change is a critical roadmap for social change leaders who will lead the reinvention of our broken systems into ones that are much stronger, healthier and more equitable. It charts a path for nonprofit and philanthropic leaders to:

• Break free from limiting beliefs and restrictions
• Reclaim their power
• Kiss scarcity goodbye
• Attract financial abundance, and
• Mobilize their networks

What if instead of being exhausted, worn out, ground down, disillusioned, and depressed, you were energized and inspired by your important work? What if you were surrounded by endless numbers of people who wanted to and could move your work forward? What if money flowed easily and endlessly to you and your organization? What if the social change you envision came to fruition easily and joyfully?

This book will show you how to find your way to abundant social change.

Available at any of your favorite booksellers including Amazon and Bookshop.org.

Register here. Friends of Nancy are welcome without a Hayvn membership.