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Not What You’d Expect: The Top Buzz Words in Social Media Marketing #SMMW15

You would think the top phrases you would hear at a top social media marketing conference would be “fan growth,” “key posting times,”  “traffic,” “conversion,” and “ROI” – right?  Wrong!

I am refreshed and recharged to share from this year’s Social Media Marketing World 2015 (#SMMW15) the consistent calls for marketers to connect on real and authentic levels in order to build their communities.  From keynote speeches and breakout sessions to table talks and networking, the focus in this age of information overload and short attention spans was “better not more” and “helping not selling.”

Take a look at these key buzzwords, sound bites and takeaways from the top experts in digital marketing to see what resonates most with your business:

Being relatable and relevant is key in getting the attention of your customers and building your community. Tell your story and get others involved in it.
·  “Always Be You”  – Ambassador Mike Bruny
·  “It’s not the wand, it’s the wizard”Tom Webster shared by Christopher Penn
·  “Invest in human beings” Pam Moore

Address the needs of your community, customers and clients by creating content and using technology to care, share, serve and listen.   Don’t simply create a marketing plan on autopilot.
·  “Earn the right to sell” Chris Brogan
·  “Caring is scalable” – quote attributed to Gary Vaynerchuk by Mari Smith

In this age of instant gratification and bad reviews, go above and beyond in serving your fans and your haters.  Wow them!
·   “Service is the new social”Mari Smith
·   #HugYourHatersJay Baer

Create moments, movements and communities in which people want to belong and participate.
·   “People don’t buy, they join”  – Pam Moore
·   “If content is king, then engagement is the queen”Mari Smith

Yes, marketing can be entertaining. Celebrate and have fun.
·   F – I – W – T – S – B – S Find Interesting Ways To Say Boring StuffAnn Handley

Upon review, you realize you can’t really embrace any one of these concepts without touching on several of the others.  If you are being of service, you are engaging and showing empathy.  In embracing all of the above, you are more than likely being very human in connecting to your community.

Whether you are in product sales or creating a brand for your service business, keeping these very essential concepts top of mind as you create your marketing strategy is vital for being found, being seen and being heard and more easily connecting with your ideal community.

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