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Why I Started A Blog

So why would a former-accountant-turned-online-connection-maker start a blog?  Very good question.

In addition, to knowing that a blog is good for SEO (search engine optimization),  it creates the the opportunity to share insights about what I am working on and what I have learned and what might be helpful to you.    I also have to walk my talk – don’t I?  If I can sit and convince you that a blog is necessary for your website and growing your business, then I sure as heck should be blogging for my business to prove it, right?

Blogging also allows me to practice writing, which is not necessarily my strong suit.  Believe it or not, I find it much easier to edit others’ writing or to spin some  marketing copy or even input numbers into a databse.  Staring at a blank screen (or a blank page in my notebook) to compose my thoughts or to succinctly explain a new idea can be a daunting proposition.

Yes, there is so much information to share.  However, I sometimes feel overwhelmed with how to organize it, present it and write it.  I worry about the tone,  staying on message and keeping it interesting, using keywords and providing “quality content” – all the things that are important for good blog writing.

Phew – I’ve admitted it:  I am vulnerable and I am figuring this out as I go along.  I wonder who will ever read this and I hope that I can keep it up with some consistency.   But if I wait to figure out a perfect plan, then it may never happen.  So here we go and I hope you will join me on this journey of blog writing, story telling and tip sharing.

Please let me know in the comments – What blogs do you read?  Have you ever tried to write a blog?  What was the best and worst part of the experience?