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Step away from the screen and pick up the phone

We are so lucky to live in this modern age of technology where we can communicate with the ease of texts and email and even social media.  It gives us the freedom to connect on our terms and in ways that don’t interrupt others’ very busy lives. But there are times when calling someone would be a much more effective and often times more productive way of getting in touch.

Consider the picking up the phone if you find yourself in any of these situations:

1) If you are in the 3rd or 4th email exchange trying to set a date or appointment.   Yes, email works well especially if you are trying to get a large group organized.  But sometimes, you can spend as much time in the back and forth emails, that dates and time options slip past and you end up back where you started.  Also, being on the phone usually forces all involved parties to commit on the spot without time delays.

2) If you are putting off an email or text because you don’t quite know how to word it or the effort is simply too much for a written message.  This usually involves a situation where you need to explain a complicated matter or may need to “take the temperature” or “get the read” on something – or simply need to start an exchange of ideas on a project.  Talking it out may result in quicker, better and collaborative solutions.

3) When you just need to make a personal connection — good or bad, positive or negative.  Sometimes you just need to hear the other person’s voice – or they may need to hear yours.  Whether you are sharing great news or bearing bad tidings, communicating by phone (or even in person) leaves less to interpretation and reading between the lines.

It may seem a contradiction to be advocating the use of the phone with the myriad of technological options for communicating, marketing and messaging, but if you think about it . . . picking up the phone is about as online as you can get. (Tweet this)

And as a society and culture we seem to have forgotten how effective the phone might actually be.  Check out these recent articles about the lost art of using the phone:

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So who will you call today?  Let me know in the comments or call me – I’d love to hear your voice!