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Kate Hanley Interview

Behind the “Seens” – From Book to Podcast with Kate Hanley

Recently, I spoke with the fantabulous Kate Hanley, writer, author and now podcaster about the road from turning her most recent book, “How to Be A Better Person” into a podcast by the same name.

Here are some of the highlights from our chat:

The journey from book to podcast – 00:44

A love of audio and chunked-up content made this seem like a great idea – 01:46

The intimacy of podcasts and the nature of the content were complimentary – 03:53

How to get started with a podcast – 05:12

The learning curve of organizing the content – 05:42

Behind the scenes of podcast production – 07:18

Having a studio to record is great – 07:46
What Cheer Writers Club

Having a producer is even greater zoom along the learning curve for sure
with things like music, intros, outros, the number of podcasts to launch
with, etc. – 08:32
Phyllis Nichols from Sound Advice Strategies

Find a podcast host (like Libsyn) – 9:11

Have some beta listeners – 10:32

Even better, having a LIVE listener audience is a huge help – 11:40

How launching a podcast is like having a baby – 13:18

Getting comfortable promoting your baby/podcast – 13:32

Everyone needs a “thought partner” for planning and promotion – 14:35

Other tools for podcast promotion -15:52
Kate’s podcast pagebeabetterpersonpodcast.com 

Why podcast promotion feels like an octopus – 16:46

Let your network help promote your podcast – 17:23

But tell them exactly how they can help (ask for reviews) – 17:56

And you can ask more than once – 18:27

Are podcasts more fun to promote than books? – 18:39

Maybe. And you can pivot in real time with podcasts – 19:38

Biggest surprise? How long it takes to create and produce the content – 20:11

Why September was a good time to launch a podcast like this – 22:15

How the intimacy of the audio podcast brings this book to life – 23:03

Here’s where you can listen to “How To Be a Better Person with Kate
Hanley” – 24:31
On all the platforms. Apple, Stitcher, Spotify and Google.

Please check it out if you can, and if you have any specific questions about the podcast, leave a note in the comments!