Ready for Social Media Success?

» Do you feel like a deer in the headlights when someone says “social media strategy”?

It doesn’t have to be this way.


What if you knew exactly what you needed to do each week and could spend less than an hour a week doing it? It’s totally possible!

I help hundreds of entrepreneurs to get comfortable with using social media, to figure out the best plan for them and their business and to ultimately get confidently connected online with their ideal audience.

I find there are four key elements to getting you from overwhelm and confusion to clarity and confidence with social media. They are:

  • Getting clear about WHO you want to reach
  • Figuring WHERE you can best reach them
  • Deciding HOW you want to show up
  • Establishing WHEN you are going connect

Once you have these key elements in place, you’ll have everything you need to create a social media plan that becomes an authentic, turn-key marketing effort, instead of a frustrating afterthought for your business.

I’ve been doing this for private clients for years, but now, I have packaged everything I practice into a step-by-step DIY “Social Media Kickstart” workbook/guide!

Social Media Kickstart

The kickstart workbook will be delivered to you immediately, in a downloadable format

  • You can easily use it and get to work right away with guides, calendars, and templates to help you with your planning and scheduling.






To make sure you are feeling confident and ready to rock your social media, I’m offering exclusive one-on-one time with me to answer any and all of your questions! After you have completed the workbook, we’ll schedule a 90-minute private training/planning session to review your work plan, resolve any challenges or questions, and launch you on your way to social media success!

Take advantage of this special offer now – as it may not be available in a few months!

Get your social media plan kick-started now!




“With Nancy’s great advice and guidance, I’ve been able to consistently build my business’ online presence through social media marketing. Nancy’s knowledge and know-how, along with her ability to navigate the constantly evolving networks so effortlessly are a tremendous asset to any business looking to stretch themselves outside of their comfort level!”

– Missie Fahey Interiors