» Are you frustrated that you don’t have a clear plan for marketing success?

» Do you feel completely overwhelmed by too many choices to market your business online?

» Are you ready to increase your online presence and get your business to the next level but feel exhausted by all of the options, programs and latest changes in social media?

Dear Busy Entrepreneur,

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a guide that will walk you through each step of the online marketing process and get you set up for success?

I get it. I spend most of my days helping entrepreneurs, just like you, figure out a strategy for their business. We research the market and find ways to engage with their ideal customers. The challenge they face is time and finding the space to learn all of the pieces involved in creating a seamless online marketing plan.   

Because I know that my clients are so limited in their time and resources to learn and do all of this marketing, I developed a simple-to-follow system that allows them to tackle each step easily.

Online Marketing Master Plan

Online Marketing Master Plan

The downloadable program is an online self study course to go at your own pace.

  • Module 1: Planning, Marketing Goals, & Target Market
  • Module 2: Websites that WOW
  • Module 3: Email that Engages
  • Module 4: Social Media that Matters
  • Module 5: Creating & Curating Content
  • Module 6: Planning & Scheduling

Don’t spend any more time trying to figure out all the pieces involved in getting your business online.  Each module in the Online Marketing Master Plan will ask you the questions you need to know what to do next. You’ll have full support and guidance along the way.

Finally, you can feel confident to create a manageable plan for the online marketing of your business and go from . . .

Overwhelmed to Organized,

Confused to Confident,

Isolated to Independent


“Very targeted. Both strategic and tactical. A nice combination of content and application.”

– Leslie McCarthy, Postgrad Healthcare

Limited Time Offer (Bonus):  

You will also receive 2 – 60 minute coaching calls to get expert support and advice for creating your Online Marketing Master Plan


One-On-One Consultations

To make sure you are feeling confident and ready to rock your online marketing plan, I’m offering exclusive one-on-one time to answer any and all of your questions and map out your success! As you are working your way through the workbook modules, we’ll schedule a one hour private planning session to review your work plan, resolve any challenges or questions, and launch you on your way to online marketing success! Then we’ll follow up a month later with a review and accountability check-in to make sure you are on track.

Take advantage of this special offer now – as it may not be available in a few months!

Get your online marketing success plan started now!

“Working with Nancy has really stepped up my online business presence in a very authentic way. In the beginning, she was able to tell me quickly what was working and what needed attention immediately. She was wonderful in asking all the right questions to help me focus on what was most important in my business. Once we had that determined, she lovingly helped me make a plan and stick to it. Online marketing can be SO overwhelming, but not with Nancy. She helps break it down into do-able steps and helped me measure success (and celebrate) along the way. She has all the industry knowledge and knows all the best practices and was great at helping me tweak those so it didn’t feel cookie-cutter. She’s a wonderful strategist and super fun to work with.”

– Jacque Saltsman, Healer + Life Coach


Online Marketing (6 module) Master Plan
PLUS 2 – 60 minute coaching calls with Nancy Sheed

one easy payment of $795
(or 2 monthly installments of $399)

orClick here to buy now - 2 payments of $399 

““With Nancy’s help and guidance, I now have a clear focus for my business, the ideal clients I want to reach, and most importantly, the steps and tools I need to take to get there!”

Julia Arstorp, photographer

Want to learn more – need more information or have questions? Please contact me at nancy@nancysheed.com or schedule a time to talk here.




Do you offer a refund?

Yes, if you are not absolutely satisfied. You will be refunded 100%.


How long do I have to take this course?

You will receive one module a week to allow you time to do the homework. But you can take as long as you like. And if you are an eager beaver and don’t want to work through the process in 6 weeks, I can send you the entire workbook in one download.


I work during the day.  Do you do coaching at night?

We can find a way to get your coaching time scheduled. No worries.


Do the coaching calls expire?

No, but booking them while you are going through the program will be most beneficial.



Ready to sign up for online success?


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