Everybody needs a geek

It started one morning when one of my clients flooded my inbox with emails whose subject lines read “Need to get my Klout score up”, “What is my Twitter handle?” and “How many visitors are we getting on our site?” Most of this lingo was not part of her everyday vernacular.

Whoa – I emailed back – what’s going on? She relayed that she was sitting in a marketing seminar for the real estate professionals and had been advised “to get a geek” to help her with all of her social marketing efforts.  After her seminar, we met and followed up on what she learned, what we were doing for her business already, what else we could be doing and (equally important) why she didn’t necessarily need to be everywhere.  She was pleased she already had a geek – me!

Having a “geek” or someone who understands the landscape and technology of internet marketing enables you not only to have a partner in your social media planning but also it frees you up to worry about your core business efforts, not the new latest and greatest social network.  Let your “geek” worry about that for you.