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Easy and Fun Ways To Support Local Bookstores

Behind the Seens with Holland Saltsman, owner of The Novel Neighbor bookstore

Learn how independent bookstores have managed to survive during the Covid crisis and how they are navigating their most important season – the holidays – this year. Also here’s how you can support indie bookstores no matter where you live – and look like a great gift-giver, too!

Here are some highlights: 

Secrets of success during CoVid during “the past 6 months”
– Online ordering was key
– Facebook LIVE to showcase products / non-book merch
– Doubling down on “merch” and local vendors
– Finding customers around the country
– Private appointments and shopping
– Pivot in-store events to virtual events
– MYSTERY BOXES! Personalized customer shopping service
– Local collaborations and partnerships

How can we support indie (local) bookstores right now and through the holidays?
– Order online
– Give gift cards
– Be “bossy” tell people you want to support local
– Buy mystery boxes
– Private shopping with your pod
– Schedule personalized shopping (We talk about our sister Ashley here!)

How does BookShop.org work to support indie booksellers and beyond? An alternative to Amazon that supports indie bookstores around the country
– Use a “bookshop.org” link to share links for books
– Authors should use this link on their book pages
– Anyone can set up a “storefront” on BookShop.org – and get affiliate revenue
– Major media publishers are working with BookShop.org too

What are the indie bookseller plans for the holidays?
– Novel November perks and surprises for shopping in November
– Any shoppers qualify for goodies and free subscriptions.
– Personal pod shopping
– Virtual personal shopping – we talk about Ashley again here – think wine in front of your computer where Holland does the shopping for you!
– Again, think mystery boxes!
– Shop early – after December 15, nothing is guaranteed to arrive by Christmas

What does 2021 and beyond look like?
– Working on new, more user-friendly website
– More virtual events – like Abby Wombach, Jimmy Fallon and R. L. Stine
– Virtual Book Fairs
– Surviving even thriving without having to ask for donations or charity from customers and community
– Let’s keep being nice – we are all tired!

Current Book Recommendations?
Pappyland: A Story of Family, Fine Bourbon, and the Things That Last
Notes from a Young Black Chef
Isaiah Dunn Is My Hero
The Once and Future Witches
The Invisible Life of Addie Larue

What are you waiting for? Go give great books and gifts! Follow The Novel Neighbor on:
– Instagram at @novelneighbor
Facebook (Live on Friday mornings)
– check out their website
– Email them at hello@thenovelneigbor.com

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A Creative Path to a Book Publishing Deal

Behind the Seens with Alex Jamieson and Bob Gower, co-authors of Radical Alignment

Having published several books, co-authors (and partners) Alex Jamieson and Bob Gower share their creative journey on how they went from self-publishing to their most recent book deal and also share what makes a good book publishing partner.

Here are some highlights: 

Learn how Alex and Bob’s career and life trajectories brought them to their book (with an update from the last time we spoke with them 2 years ago).

The idea for their book started as a tool / method they used successfully for healthy communications personally and professionally.

Why they decided to create a book together (Thanks, Rebecca!) and self-publish originally.

Knowing how to launch a book is key no matter your publishing path.

Here’s how to make the leap from self-publishing to traditional publishing with the same book.

The secrets to get the right publishing deal for your book.

Mistakes they made and lessons they learned from their publishing deal.

  • Audio rights were critical to this book.
  • Extra time and new content make the traditional book more engaging.

What makes a good book publishing partner.

How Alex and Bob each use their book as a client tool / asset for their businesses.

When writing your book think about how it can change and uplevel your business.

Your book can be a launching pad.

Point in case, a new book website with additional service offerings just went LIVE: https://getradicalalignment.com/

How co-authors work to collaborate and promote their work together and their work apart.

Done well and thoughtfully, they created their brand together.

Learn more from Alex and Bob at their newly launched book website: https://getradicalalignment.com/book/

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Why and How to Kickstart Your Writing (and Your Life)

Behind the Seens with Terri Trespicio

In this “Behind the Seens” interview you’ll hear from writer, author, speaker (and comedian) Terri Trespicio about how to get over yourself so your voice can be heard and your story can be told. Terri’s intensity and infectiousness will hook you in and help you see why and how you need to take some next bold steps in your writing and your life.

Here are some highlights: 

It’s OK to make it up as you go along!

Do you really know the answers to:

  1. What am I saying, why should people listen? 
  2. What story do you want to tell?

The one way to get an idea into the world is through writing.

Why do we have writing blocks and hangups?

It’s overwhelming.

Judging the work, myself and others

How do we get over these? 

Learn about the “gateless writing method” which reprograms the way most of us were taught to write. 

How to get at your brilliance (warning: goosebump inducing stuff right here)

You don’t need all the time in the world. Get it (your brilliance) out before the inner critic comes in.

Writing can be fun.Writing retreats can be virtual and productive.

Learn how Terri got her book deal for “Stop searching for your passion” due in Spring 2022..

Premise of her book: We are not as lost as we think. . .

“We don’t need to assume a default of broken or lost to make something matter!”

So many good nuggets! Find Terri at https://territrespicio.com/

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Kate Hanley Interview

Behind the “Seens” – From Book to Podcast with Kate Hanley

Recently, I spoke with the fantabulous Kate Hanley, writer, author and now podcaster about the road from turning her most recent book, “How to Be A Better Person” into a podcast by the same name.

Here are some of the highlights from our chat:

The journey from book to podcast – 00:44

A love of audio and chunked-up content made this seem like a great idea – 01:46

The intimacy of podcasts and the nature of the content were complimentary – 03:53

How to get started with a podcast – 05:12

The learning curve of organizing the content – 05:42

Behind the scenes of podcast production – 07:18

Having a studio to record is great – 07:46
What Cheer Writers Club

Having a producer is even greater zoom along the learning curve for sure
with things like music, intros, outros, the number of podcasts to launch
with, etc. – 08:32
Phyllis Nichols from Sound Advice Strategies

Find a podcast host (like Libsyn) – 9:11

Have some beta listeners – 10:32

Even better, having a LIVE listener audience is a huge help – 11:40

How launching a podcast is like having a baby – 13:18

Getting comfortable promoting your baby/podcast – 13:32

Everyone needs a “thought partner” for planning and promotion – 14:35

Other tools for podcast promotion -15:52
Kate’s podcast pagebeabetterpersonpodcast.com 

Why podcast promotion feels like an octopus – 16:46

Let your network help promote your podcast – 17:23

But tell them exactly how they can help (ask for reviews) – 17:56

And you can ask more than once – 18:27

Are podcasts more fun to promote than books? – 18:39

Maybe. And you can pivot in real time with podcasts – 19:38

Biggest surprise? How long it takes to create and produce the content – 20:11

Why September was a good time to launch a podcast like this – 22:15

How the intimacy of the audio podcast brings this book to life – 23:03

Here’s where you can listen to “How To Be a Better Person with Kate
Hanley” – 24:31
On all the platforms. Apple, Stitcher, Spotify and Google.

Please check it out if you can, and if you have any specific questions about the podcast, leave a note in the comments!