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Ready to Take the Stage with Your Big Talk?

Behind the “Seens” with Tricia Brouk

What a treat this conversation was! International award-winning director, executive producer, podcaster and general queen of the stage, Tricia Brouk took time to share her wisdom about how, why and when you are ready to take the stage and give your big talk.

Here are some of the highlights of our conversation: 

The world has changed and people are realizing we are all connected and we have a mission to tell our stories even if only for the one person who needs to hear it. 

How do you know you are ready to give a talk? 

Are you clear on your Purpose, Values and Mission?

When you are clear who you are as a communicator, then your message will resonate: captivatingly (yes, it’s a word!); powerfully and impactfully to help you get your message to the people who are meant to hear it. 

What comes first – the idea for the talk or the desire to give a talk?

How do you know if your talk idea is good – or if you’re ready?

What’s more important? Message or Delivery?

Ready to get help with your Big Talk? Check out The Art of the Big Talk Masterclass with Tricia and follow her on all the socials. 

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Why and How to Use Storytelling in Your Content

Behind the “Seens” with Jen Liddy

Ever have that sinking feeling of not knowing what to say or write for your social media, website, blog, sales pages, and emails? Or you know you have a message, but you’re not sure how to make it as relatable and relevant as possible? Check out this recent conversation with Content Creation Specialist, Jen Liddy aka the “Content Whisperer” for inspiration and strategies for elevating your content with storytelling.

How her path from English teacher to fitness studio co-owner to coach has landed her into the sweet spot of being a content creation specialist.

How do we define content: “Everything is content. Content is everything.”

What is the difference between a linear thinker and spiraly thinker and how does it impact your content? 

Why storytelling is critical to help your audience understand your message. 

How to handle vulnerability in your storytelling and content. 

Why paying attention is critical to good storytelling. 

How to forward engineer or reverse engineer storytelling. 

How to capture your ideas for good stories. 

How you can use nuggets of the story – instead of worrying about the whole story.

How you focus on the details of your story to be much more relatable. 

Really really knowing your audience will help stories be more relevant.

Other inspiring people in this content space:
Marissa Corcoran
Anne Handley

Find “one n” Jen and get her “Content Framework” guide on her website here!

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How a First-Time Author Prepares for Book Launch

Behind the Seens with David C. Wells, Jr.

CFA and Founder of Family Capital Strategies, David C. Wells, Jr. recently launched his first book, When Anything is Possible: Wealth and the Art of Strategic Living. I had the honor of working with David on helping him get ready for his book launch in January. Check out our video conversation where we walk through David’s journey from writing his book to launch and beyond.

What you’ll learn:

How David’s expertise (and love of reading) guided him to decision to write his book. 

How David decided independent publishing was the right path for him.

How we crafted his “author” platform from his existing website(s).

How we “layered-in” book content and promotion into his already robust content plan.

It’s not likely to over-promote your book launch. 

Why it’s really OK (and rewarding) to work on outreach for reviews and promotion help – especially if you do it in an authentic way. 

How traditional PR and publicity supports a book launch and helps build future business.

Yes, it takes a team to make your book launch as successful as it can be!

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Why Create A #25DaysOfGiving Project?

Behind the Seens with Devin Rossiter, creator of #25DaysofGiving project

Learn how and why this fun giving project can make the holidays more meaningful.

Here are some highlights: 

Learn how Devin a former sports broadcaster become an innovative educator.

  • Build your network!
  • When thinking about your next step in life – who can benefit from my skills.
  • Build bigger and beyond the bubble you are in.
  • All educators are influencers and content creators

And how he goes on to win Jeopardy twice – THIS YEAR!

  • Audition by Zoom and living in California helped.
  • He has to keep it secret for 2.5 months.
  • And guess when his air date is???

What is the #25DaysofGiving Project?

  • The holidays are a time of year for giving and philanthropy but it doesn’t always feel as meaningful or engaging as it should be.
  • This project is a concept of 25 days of giving, with each day of one act of generosity, charity or kindness that anyone can do.
  • They are simple and easy to do and help you make a connection – every day for 25 days!
  • It has a cumulative impact on you, your family and your community.
  • Find the calendar here

What has changed for 2020?

  • Minimizing close physical activities
  • Yet thinking creatively about making connections.
  • In thinking about the impact – the community can answer polls and use new giving / networking platforms.

Can you mish mash #GivingTuesdayand the #25DaysofGiving list – YES!

Background on the #25DaysofGiving Project:

  • Back in 2017 Devin was diagnosed with anxiety and depression.
  • But he loves December and the holidays (and his Jan. 7 birthday).
  • So why not make an engaging and meaningful project.
  • It becomes a nice thing to do – and inspires others.
  • How about an Advent calendar of giving instead of an Advent calendar of chocolates?
  • Each year the project gets iterated and modified, ala design thinking.

What has Devin learned?

  • It’s a work-in-progress and a memory maker.
  • More people every year are following and participating.
  • It creates a ripple effect that goes well beyond making a donation.
  • It changes you to give the confidence to be this giving and connected person.

How can people get involved? 

  • It’s not too late. Dive in now: bit.ly/25Days2020
  • Make it yours.
  • Mark your calendar for Thanksgiving next year to get the 2021 list!
  • Don’t be afraid to make an impact!

How to connect with Devin to learn more:
Website: https://www.devinrossiter.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/devinrossiter/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DevinRossiter

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How Authors Can Effectively Use PR and Media Outreach

Behind the Seens with Katie Riess

Learn from PR pro, Katie Reiss of KT Media Strategies, how authors can use PR and publicity to get better visibility for themselves and their books.

Here are some highlights: 

  • What’s the difference between what Katie does and what I do
  • Why authors should use PR and media outreach
  • When you should get this type of help
  • Why your publisher won’t do this work for you
  • How is PR and publicity and media outreach different now

What are the 3 things authors should do with regard to their PR strategy:

  • Get clarity about your target reader audience
  • Focus on niche media outlets
  • Play the long game; your book is the beginning
  • Bonus: Be willing to do the work!

What particular media outreach strategy is most effective.

What’s the difference between DIY PR and getting “professional” help.

How to connect with Katie to learn more:
Website: https://ktmediastrategies.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/katieriess
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KTMediaBooker

If you want to learn more about how to be seen, be found, be heard, please connect with me on the socials or let’s set up a call to chat.