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Playlist: May Mex Mish Mash

This playlist was inspired in Mexico earlier this month, when my mom started digging on Thievery Corporation playing in the background at a Sayulita beach cafe. We (my mom, sisters and I) were chilling out for the afternoon enjoying the weather, taking surfing lessons, getting massages and very much enjoying lots of coffee, cervezas and margaritas (not necessarily in that order). So enjoy “May Mex Mish Mash”, which brings a south of the border feel along with some new chill tunes.

Playlist: New Faves in 2017

With arrival of spring upon us (finally), I’ve got some “Fave New Tunes” released this year. No surprise – there are some old guard names (Sting, The Shins, Ben Sollee) and some new-ish bands that I’ve been following (Strand of Oaks, Real Estate, Local Natives, Father John Misty, Lucius) and some new to me (Temples, Broken Social Scene, and The Wild Reeds).

What’s new to your playlists this year? Who would you add?

Playlist: New Music for Early Spring

As I was just about to start compiling a new playlist of recently released new faves (because it’s been a while – right?), and I remembered that my friend Jane Seymour of New Music Matters had just done a similar thing with many of the very songs that I would have shared. So check out her “Early Spring 2017 New Music” playlist on Spotify. I will be back next month with more songs to round out this great list.

In the meantime, what are your new favorite songs? Please share in the comments.

Playlist: Using Our Voices

While I’ll stop short of calling this a protest playlist, I’m super comfortable acknowledging that we are all feeling compelled to use our voices (and our hearts and minds) a bit more these days to stand up for what we believe in – no matter what that is. So wherever you stand, and whatever you believe, here are some tunes on this “Using Our Voices” playlist to motivate, inspire or perhaps even calm you. (And if it’s peace and positivity you’re after, I’ve got you covered with a different playlist here.

Playlist: Sail Away with La Vagabonde

One of our current favorite virtual escapes on YouTube is following a boat called La Vagabonde and its crew – a cute couple – sailing around the world. We first fell in love with the La Vagabonde crew, Riley and Elayna, because they were new, adorable, and real—AND because their videos and pictures were so amazing and engaging. However, we quickly got hooked on their music too, which is perfectly curated and edited, while quite chill and sometimes ethereal.

We’re now totally inspired by their adventures (and tunes), and plan someday on having our own (watch this space!) In the meantime, check out the La Vagabonde channel or simply sail away with their awesome playlist.