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Playlist: Sail Away with La Vagabonde

One of our current favorite virtual escapes on YouTube is following a boat called La Vagabonde and its crew – a cute couple – sailing around the world. We first fell in love with the La Vagabonde crew, Riley and Elayna, because they were new, adorable, and real—AND because their videos and pictures were so amazing and engaging. However, we quickly got hooked on their music too, which is perfectly curated and edited, while quite chill and sometimes ethereal.

We’re now totally inspired by their adventures (and tunes), and plan someday on having our own (watch this space!) In the meantime, check out the La Vagabonde channel or simply sail away with their awesome playlist.

New Tunes for Fall 2016

Playlist: New Tunes for Fall 2016

I’ve been feeling a little out of touch with new music this year, so I’ve focused on what’s been piquing my interest from the radio (thank you WFUV!). Some of my favorite artists have new albums out (Shovels & Rope, Bon Iver, Dawes) and there are some new names on my radar (Teenage Fanclub, Before You Exit).

Listen in and let me know what you like the best. Also, I’d love to know what new tunes are you listening to this fall? What would you add to this list?

Playlist: Anniversary Celebration

Earlier this month, my husband and I hosted an anniversary celebration in Kentucky (where I grew up, but not where we were married). Of course, there was a playlist! It’s a HUGE mish-mash of oldies (Sweet Caroline), classic rock (Rolling Stones, AC/DC) and predictables (American Pie).

I’m still trying to decide if it was more fun making this – or dancing to it!?!?!!? Regardless, the big lesson learned is that we all need to dress up and dance more often . . . Enjoy!