Behind the “Seens” with Chrysula Winegar

Behind the "Seens" with Chrysula Winegar

Learn how a “global mom” does #socialgood while #keepinitreal This Behind the Seens interview is with Chrysula Winegar, who is a “communicator, agitator,and global mama” working as Senior Director, Communications & Special Initiatives at United Nations Foundation. She is passionate about changing the world. Originally from Australia, Chrysula and I met virtually online many years …

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Planners, Calendars & Journals, OH MY! (Top picks for planners)

Top picks for best planners

This timely guest post comes from my uber-organized, proficient planning, brand-strategizing friend Victoria Vitarelli and originally appeared on her website, V Dot V Marketing. A hope is a dream without a plan. I often get asked, “how do you keep track of your ‘EVERYTHING’!?” Juggling my clients, my kids, my mom and life in general. …

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Playlist: A Southern-ish Thanksgiving – November 2017

NS Playlist Southern-ish Thanksgiving

This month’s playlist is appropriately themed for Thanksgiving with a bit of a southern spin. Thanks to the gang at StyleBluePrint/Louisville (by way of my sister, Ashley), for sharing this “playlist of inspiration and thankfulness”. It was thoughtfully put together, so listen to it in order—not on shuffle. Looking for something a little less southern – a …

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