What’s On Your Business Bucket List?

Business bucket list

We’ve all been asked the question—probably at a dinner party, “What’s on your bucket list?” Even the most introverted of people usually have some BIG, HUGE item on their bucket list. Risky, against the norm, and FUN!  Why not give your business the same big, lofty goal with a business bucket list? It’s easy to slip into …

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Playlist – Graduation Tunes

It was high school graduation time last week around here. On a drizzly Friday June afternoon, we enjoyed the pomp and circumstance, watching our son receive his diploma, switch the tassel, and throw his graduation cap in the air. I can’t believe that we have a child going to college in the fall. I don’t …

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Playlist: May Mex Mish Mash

This playlist was inspired in Mexico earlier this month, when my mom started digging on Thievery Corporation playing in the background at a Sayulita beach cafe. We (my mom, sisters and I) were chilling out for the afternoon enjoying the weather, taking surfing lessons, getting massages and very much enjoying lots of coffee, cervezas and margaritas (not …

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